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QBPC Representatives Attended The 2018 Brand Strategy China

Create Time:2019-03-07

On December 3, the Brand Strategy China was held in Shanghai.

This year marks the third year of cooperation between the Quality Brands Protection Committee (referred to as QBPC) and the World Trademark Review (WTR), the forum’s organizer. The first cooperation was in 2016. Steven Wang, QBPC Vice Chairdelivered a speech on behalf of QBPC and introduced the organization, history and main duties QBPC. Many of the speakers were QBPC members. “QBPC” was frequently mentioned in the meeting. Some participants came to the of QBPC booth to ask about “Who is QBPC”.


                                    Little Trevor


This year the participants discussed and interacted with each other concerning the following topics:

1. Building the brand of brand management

2. Local enforcement masterclass

3. Trademark litigation: new routes to success

4. Your online offensive and defensive playbook

5. Brand Protection opportunity and risk in a changing brand landscape

Mr. Little Trevor, WTR editor and the event host made an opening speech. He says: today is all about protecting that critical business asset which underpins value creation and commercial success-the brand. The programme is designed therefore to combine practical “in the protection trenches’ insight and guidance, alongside an examination of the brand protection function itself and the role it can play in corporate success.

Michael Ding, QBPC Vice Chair Head of IP Operation for ABB in Asia, the Middle East and Africa Region, was invited to give a welcome speech. Michael’s speech was short but informative. He mentioned the VUCA era in his speech, which was resonating and thought-provoking. The following is the full text of Michael’s speech:


“Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this event “Brand Protection Strategy China”, I am Michael Ding from ABB, and take lead IP operations in Asia, Middle East and Africa region. I also take lead ABB global anti counterfeit activities. As partner of WTR, I am very glad to be invited and have the opportunity to do the opening speech on behalf of QBPC today.

First, let me give you a very brief introduction of QBPC. QBPC was established in 2000, and now has 192 members, we are “member share & member driven” association, focus on IP legislation, IPR enforcement and IP awareness promotion, especially in brand protection related area. QPBC act as very important bridge between brand owners and various IPR stakeholders, including China central and local government authorities.

When first look at today’s subject, “from brand protection to value creation”, I am very excited, because this is what we are pursuing, no matter as an in house IP, or external firms or even relevant government authorities.


                                    Alex TheilBio


We are now is the era of VUCA (Volatility, Ambiguity, Complexity Uncertainty). In general, it means the world changing so fast, business encounter a lot of challenge. How brand protection can contribute more value to business is something that we need to do more study and should focus on.

•When you discuss with business about trademark or product name application strategy in China, have you thoroughly considered and communicated competitive trademark situation with business?

•When you plan how many criminal or administrative actions that you will conduct against counterfeiters, or litigation you will initiate against infringers, have you considered what will be business reaction when you report such statistics or the value added to them?

•When you worked with external firms as well as IP enforcement authorities, have you considered what is the best strategy and cost-effective approach to be taken?

•How to set up the right on-line and off-line brand protection strategy, including offensive and defensive, to support your business growth

•Have you keep close eyes on the legislation and judicial changes and update, e.g. anti-unfair competition law, e-commerce law, potential amendment on trademark law, etc, and provide constructive suggestions?

After went through today’s agenda, I am really pleased to see that most the topics that I just mentioned will be covered today. I am confident that you will think it is valuable to spend one day here, to exchange and learn from each other. Wish you all have a great event. Thanks.”

The speakers discussed from theory to practice, from individuality to commonality, and from experience to skills on five topics.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!