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International Academic Cooperation on IPR Protection: QBPC Meeting with MSU A-CAPP Center

Create Time:2020-07-21

Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (“QBPC”) and the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (“A-CAPP”) at Michigan State University successfully held an online exchange on July 15, 2020. QBPC Chair Michael Ding, Vice Chair Jack Chang, A-CAPP representatives Jeffrey Rojek, Jay Kennedy, Kari Kammel, William Mansfield of ABRO and Alan Swayne of L Brands attended the meeting.


In May of 2014, The QBPC and the A-CAPP Center established the General Memorandum of Understanding to foster international cooperation in education and research related to counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting strategies, intellectual property right protection and other product and brand protection issues as determined jointly by the parties. On this basis, both sides exchanged views on headline issues of brand protection under the new trend and explored how to strengthen links and carry out more substantial and effective cooperation on research topics that were concerned by both parties.


Michael and Jack stated that QBPC was committed to actively building a platform for the exchange of views and experiences on intellectual property right protection between China and the international community. Indeed, QBPC had established a good reputation and credibility worldwide. As an effective bridge for international intellectual property exchanges and cooperation,  QBPC would continue to play this role in future cooperation with the A-CAPP Center, and join forces with A-CAPP to bring more benefits to right holders around the world. A-CAPP representatives also expressed that this meeting was not only an important opportunity to explore potential issues for academic researches, but also one to extend more cooperation in brand protection education to benefit the present and future right holders. William Mansfield and Alan Swayne shared their views from rights holders' perspectives. And they expected fruitful results on deepening cooperation and fully leveraging the partnership between the two organizations.


At the meeting, the participants also shared views on issues such as bad faith trademark application and registration, extraterritorial evidence, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and E-commerce. Both parties agreed that establishing a monthly communication mechanism would be a good start to continue this very important conversation. At the end, the two sides discussed the follow-up matters on extending the cooperation memorandum, and decided that the QBPC office should be the contact point to support future cooperation.