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CNIPA continued to carry out the "Blue Sky" special rectification campaign

Create Time:2021-03-30

To seriously implement the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, the implementation of the 2021 session of the national intellectual property office of the director of spirit, build more good intellectual property service industry development environment, perfect the intellectual property creation, utilization, protection, management, service the whole chain, promote the development of the high quality of intellectual property rights, help promote China's innovation ability, further strengthen the patent and trademark agency violation behavior, CNIPA decided to further develop intellectual property agency industry this year "Blue Sky" rectification of action.

This initiative aims to achieve the following goals: Speed up the containment of patent application agents with no purpose to protect innovation; Strictly crack down on the act of malicious trademark application agency not for the purpose of use; Continue to severely crack down on the acts of unqualified patent agency; Strengthen the guidance of platform-based intellectual property service institutions; Strictly crack down on acts such as forging and altering seals of legal documents; Strengthen the connection with daily supervision and long-term mechanism; Give full play to the role of trade organizations and social supervision; Strengthen organizational guarantee, implement supervisory responsibility.

This activity is conducive to the intellectual property office staff to further improve the importance of intellectual property rights protection, step by step to carry out the supervision responsibility, strengthen the supervision of agency staff strength and security of working conditions, increase the intensity of supervision work, continue to improve intellectual property agency industry order and fully activate market intellectual property services, to (will) strengthen the construction of the protection of intellectual property rights and intellectual property to a comprehensive power to provide strong support.