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QBPC Launches New Designed Pamphlet

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QBPC Launches New Designed Pamphlet

    Launching of New Designed Pamphlet

    Dear all members,

    Communications Committee (CC) has taken the lead to redesign QBPC consumer awareness pamphlet, so to let our target audience find more useful information on it and is willing to keep it for a longer period of time.  With a brief introduction of QBPC in both Chinese and English, the new design also includes a subway map and Beijing city map featuring tourist attractions, with telephone, address and route information. Of course, one of the most important parts is the QBPC member company logo section under the map. In order to make it distributable not only in Beijing city, but also other cities, we have as well designed a common version with a overview of the World Heritage Sites in China. After few months' collection, we have collected 124 logos, which are agreed by member companies. We would like to thank all the QBPC member companies, who support our work to make the publishing successful.

    Hundreds of copies of new designed pamphlet are distributed at Beijing International Airport and more and more people will get the information "Experience the Real China, Buy the Real Thing."

    New Desinged Pamphlet-1
    New Desinged Pamphlet-2
    New Desinged Pamphlet-3

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