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Xiamen Customs IPR Protection Training

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Xiamen Customs IPR Protection Training

    Xiamen Customs IPR Protection Training
    Register Xiamen Customs IPR Protection Training before March 15th, 2013.
    Dear Members,
    As the 3rd stop of  the trainings with hot customs authorities during the Special Operation initiated by the GACC, QBPC Customs Committee will co-organize a one-day capacity building workshop with Xiamen Customs and Fuzhou Customs on April 9th in Xiamen with a focus on IPR enforcement. Around 60 officials from Xiamen Customs and Fuzhou Customs will participate in the event In addition, as this Special Operation will focus on the consumer electronic products, the members from related industries are quite encouraged to attend the training.
    ¯  On-line Registration
    30 presentation seatsare available for this training. Interested members please register for the training before March 15th, 2013.
    Please feel free to contact Summer Gao at summergao@qbpc.org.cn or 010-85226257 should you have any question.
    ¯  Presentation PPTs
    Based on the preliminary discussion withXiamen Customsand Fuzhou Customs, the following points need to be taken into consideration when making presentation:
    1) Less time shall be spent on the history and background of the company and brands during the presentation;
    2) Trend analysis on the flow of infringement goods, features of such cases, similar trademarks are encouraged.
    Interested members please prepare your presentation PPT and send it to Summer Gao at summergao@qbpc.org.cn no later than April 3rd. Meeting Agenda will be sent to all registered members once all the details are settled.
    ¯  Sample Exhibition
    Xiamen Customs will provide an exhibition area for QBPC members to display sample products, and the contact & delivery details will be provided to you soon.
    Sincerely appreciate your support! 
    Customs Committee, QBPC
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