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Recruiting Legal Counsel

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Recruiting Legal Counsel




    Legal Counsel of the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC)






    Job Description: 


    A. Perform legal service on demand for QBPC operation-related matters, including drafting and reviewing contracts, advising on legal, regulatory & compliance issues.

    B. Manage and handle inquiries from QBPC members on IPR-related legal issues; provide legal advice with the support from relevant QBPC chairs.

    C. Under the guidance of QBPC Chairs and Committee Chairs, lead legal research, seminar or enforcement projects, including project planning, execution, event organization and follow up.

    D. Coordinate QBPC activities in legislation, such as collecting and consolidating comments from members on draft laws, law amendment, judicial interpretation or department rules.

    E. Draft/Update QBPC by laws or guidelines and keep files.

    F. Keep abreast of regulatory, legal and policy developments andindustry initiatives related to IPR protection and edit IP E-newsletter.

    G. Conduct legal research, draft position paper and do other paper work on legal issues under the guidanceand supervision of chairs/committee chairs.

    H. Provide support to QBPC Compliance Committee, including researching on compliance issues, drafting or revising compliance policies, preparing compliance training materials, etc.

    I. Assist QBPC chairs and Executive Director in performance of otherdaily work, including liaising and cooperating with enforcement agencies, judicial organs and other stakeholders.




    1) Bachelorlaw degree from a reputable Chinese or international law school; Master degree ispreferred;

    2) At least 5 years working experience in applicable legal disciplines, either in a law firm or as an in house legal; IP and policy related working experience is  preferred;

    3) Passing Chinese bar exam is preferred (practice license 执业证 is not required);

    4) Excellent English and solid Chinese language skills;

    5) Excellent communication skills, strong logical thinking ability and good legal analysis skills.

    6) People manager experience or coaching experience is preferred;


    7) Attention to details and manage work efficiently including proper prioritization;


    8) Good team player.







    邮箱地址: xinyao@qbpc.org.cn

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