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Exchange Meeting Between QBPC Toys and Licensed Goods IWG and Yiwu Market Supervision Administration Bureau

    On April 20, 2017, we organized training and multi-brand market sweep with the YIWU
    MARKET SUPERVISION ADMINISTRATION BUREAU (“YIWU MSAB”) via the QBPC TOYS & LICENSED GOODS IWG. Five IWG members (Mattel, Hasbro, Lego, Disney and NBC/Universal) with 11 brand representatives attended the event.  The morning meeting was attended by 33 officials from Yiwu MSAB, including the Bureau Director, the Chief of Yiwu MSAB Inspection Team, and all section chiefs including branch offices. Five brand representatives gave introductions of their own companies and products followed by a discussion of critical enforcement issues for brand owners and officials in Yiwu. There was a focus on challenges with copyright infringement enforcement and how brand owners can better assist local officers.    
    The Chief of MSAB inspection team gave brand owner reps a tour of their new “enforcement achievements” showroom. In the afternoon, an inspection team of 25 officials led by the section chief, ZHU YUNLONG went to YIWU COMMERCIAL AND TRADE CENTER to conduct a market sweep against targets identified by the five participating brand owners. Raids were conducted against 10 stalls with a view to train frontline officers in proactively identifying counterfeit goods.  Reporters from YIWU TV Station covered the event, filming the raids against the stalls and interviewing enforcement officials.
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