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Exchange Meeting on Intellectual Property Protection Border Law Enforcement Between Kunming Customs and QBPC

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Exchange Meeting on Intellectual Property Protection Border Law Enforcement Between Kunming Customs and QBPC

    Exchange Meeting on IP Protection Border Law Enforcement between Kunming Customs and Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province on June 7. The 45 customs officers from Kunming Customs and its subordinate customs and more than 30 member company representatives of QBPC participated in the exchange.

    The meeting was chaired by Sun Jian, Chief of Intellectual Property Branch of Regulation Division of Kunming Customs. In the opening ceremony, Wang Hong, Director of Regulation Division of Kunming Customs made an opening speech. Director Wang briefed the work of Kunming Customs on IP protection in 2016. He pointed out in particular that Kunming Customs has ferreted out 63 cases of IP infringement since 2016, with the total value involved in the cases of RMB 6.25 million and more than 300,000 pieces of infringing goods, involving more than 90 foreign-invested enterprises. Most cases are trademark infringement cases. Taking the special action “Qingfeng”as a key driver, Kunming Customs has: first, used risk analysis to effectively fight crimes; second, strengthened cooperation with the public security system to jointly improve IP protection; third, improved cooperation between customs and enterprises; fourth, used hearing procedures to ensure fairness. The State Council conducted the performance appraisal of Yunnan Province on the fight against counterfeit and highly recognized the ways and means of “green” destruction and the use of hearing to resolve the dispute implemented by Kunming Customs. Kunming Customs will earnestly carry out the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “innovation-driven development”, practically integrate IP customs protection into the national strategy of adjusting structure and transforming pattern, and continue to keep the pressure on the fight against infringement during import and export.

    Then, Steven Wang, Vice Chairman of QBPC, briefed the relevant situation of QBPC and congratulated Kunming Customs for its achievements on behalf of QBPC Customs Committee. Steven Wang hopes that Kunming Customs will make more brilliant achievements in 2017 through active interaction and deep exchange between QBPC member representatives and customs officers during the training.

    In the one-day training, member representatives from working groups of nine industries, including wireless and integrated circuit industry, luxury goods industry, illuminating industry, personal care industry, pharmaceutical and medical device industry, automobile industry, and power distribution industry, made the detailed discussion with customs on the identification of genuine and fake commodities, key infringing goods, collection of sample photos, actual cases of counterfeit, similar trademark, counterfeit risk management analysis and other related issues. After the training, more than 30 members of QBPC participated in the display and exchange of genuine and fake commodities, and each member representative displayed company products or patent certificate. STIHL Company even displayed large-scale products on the scene, leaving a deep impression on people.

    The training with rich contents is conducive to further strengthening the understanding of the importance of IP protection, enhancing law enforcement skills of customs officers on the front line, strengthening connection and cooperation between customs and right holders, and laying a good foundation for the future cooperation between Kunming Customs and QBPC.
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