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Membership Service Journey- Amway and Luxottica Cases Sharing Salon

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Membership Service Journey- Amway and Luxottica Cases Sharing Salon

    2017 QBPC Membership Service Journey- Amway and Luxottica Cases Sharing Salon was successfully held on June 19, 2017 in Hangzhou. 60reps. from 46QBPC members (Siemens, Sanofi, Philips, L Brands, JNJ and etc.) participated in field.

    Mr. Ruiping Hao and Mr. Jerry Yang, service team member of MSC, hosted the case sharing salon. Alibaba Platform Governance Department (Platform Governance) shows more open stance to cooperation from online to offline, right holders are eager to know the work scope and mechanism of Task Force of Platform Governance. Besides, customs criminal cases have gained more and more attention, not only from right holders, but supervision and enforcement authorities, especially to management to mail channel.

    Ms. Vivian Xu, former Amway Brand Protection team member, now works in Task Force of Alibaba Platform Governance Department, shared a best practice of cluster campaign in 2016. Amway provided preliminary case clues of selling suspect counterfeit Amyway products on Taobao to Platform Governance, after big data analysis and offline investigation, a trans-provincial counterfeit cosmetic case came into sight. Task Force Governance Department and Amway paid joint visits to local authorities and finally took down the whole criminal chain from source to end market. “Big data of Alibaba, special effort of authority and fully support of right holder were the key to success, ” Vivian said.

    Ms. Crystal Zhang, Brand Protection Manager of Luxottica and Ms. Joann Chan from Sinofaith IP Group shared the practice & operation in handling customs criminal cases. In regular customs cases, right holders and authorities are facing the challenges of false info of the exporter, limited info of goods owner, identify the real price of the infringement goods, so civil settlement to infringers, collaboration with PSB and interaction with overseas partners would be effective approaches. In 2015 Ningbo case and 2016 Nanjing case, right holder launched close cooperation with local Customs, Post Office, PSB and got significant outcome.

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