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2017 QBPC Membership Service Journey- New Balance Open Day

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2017 QBPC Membership Service Journey- New Balance Open Day

    2017 QBPC Membership Service Journey- New Balance Open Day was successfully held on May 15, 2017 in Shanghai. 42 reps. from 38 QBPC Members (Philips, Honeywell, UL, Sanofi, Bayer, Schneider, Nike, JNJ and etc.) participated in field or call in.

    Jerry Yang from MSC hosted the New Balance IPR Case Sharing session. Many right holders are facing the challenge of scrambling for registered trademark, New Balance steps forward to civil action based on successful administrative raid actions, especially the interlocutory injunction plays key role to cease the further IP infringement which got obvious effects.

    Ms. Angela Shi, Brand Protection Manager of New Balance company shared the best practice of combined actions against parasite brands. New Balance, like other major brands, faces a significant battle against the growing number of parasite brands. Upon unremitting efforts on AIC actions in appropriate jurisdictions, New Balance formally sued a parasite brand at the Suzhou Intermediate Court in August 2016. After one month, the court issued a preliminary injunction ordering the defendants to immediately stop selling shoes with "N" and delete all the online promotion that has created a misleading association with New Balance. In April 2017, the court imposed the five defendants to pay the state 1.7 million RMB for breaching the injunction order.

    “Many western companies have been caught up in long legal battles over the right to use their names in China but rarely obtain preliminary injunctions, making this case an unusual one.” (quoted from feature article in the New York Times)

    Q&A session lasted over one hour, participators raised dozens questions, including trademark management, scope of notary, the requirements of interlocutory injunction, choice of jurisdiction, internal and external communication, lawsuit strategy, etc.

    The greatest support from leader team, professional skill of experts and persistence are the cores to make impossible to possible. New Balance shows powerful mix of solutions to IPR protection which provides new approach to all right holders in further.

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