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Honeywell IP Open Day——QBPC Membership Service Journey

        On July 13, 2017, the sixth Membership Service Journey organized by Membership Service Committee and Honeywell started from Honeywell Shanghai Tech Experience Center.

         At 2:00pm, around 30 representatives from various QBPC member companies were gathering at the entrance of the center, where looks like a magic Time Tunnel. The center is nearly 1500 square meter. Honeywell’s first experience center was set up in Washington D.C. in 2005.  This is the second global experience center which includes 6 experience areas, transportation, industry, commerce, house, energy and hometown. Visitors all devoted themselves into the wonderful land of interaction, experienced how Honeywell set up a safest, cleanest, powerful and connected world. Representatives were full of praise on Honeywell’s excellent contribution to China’s first home-made big passenger plane C919, which includes four sets of technical solutions and comprehensive supporting services of Auxiliary Power Unit, wheel and break, working packages for flight control and navigation. Representatives were also invited to enter the simulated cabin to experience efficient, safe and comfortable flight.

         The following journey was led by Mr. Jerry Xia, Deputy GC & Chief IP Counsel - APAC of Honeywell. Honeywell’s new headquarter building is located on Huanke Road. It impressed everyone with its modern, open working environment. Mr. Xia introduced Honeywell’s history, business model and products. From 2008 till now, more than 10 IP cases from Honeywell won QBPC model cases. Everyone is interested in the IP management and case operation of Honeywell. Mr. Xia showed the whole picture of their IP management system which plays important role in the company. Sector allocation, personnel arrangement, function distribution, goals and strategies on risk control safeguard the regular operation of the business. In the exciting case sharing session, Mr. Xia demonstrated a chemical method patent infringement case against a chemical company in Zibo. This case provides good reference to strategy making, evidence securing, temporary injunction, etc. Representatives asked many questions in details. After that, Honeywell’s Regional Trademark Counsel Sally Wang introduced a mode case where Honeywell used the “pierce the corporate veil” doctrine to pursue an infringer’s affiliate’s joint liability and also shared certain obstacles in the recognition of illegal business turnover. This is also a crucial issue most membership companies met with in IP criminal cases, which has given rise to QBPC SC’s and Legal Committee’s high attention. QBPC will keep close and efficient communication with all levels of PSB, PP and Court to figure out a proper solution.

         This membership service journey provided a perfect opportunity to membership companies to learn more about each other, sharing advanced IP management experience and typical IP cases.  Look forward to the journey in the next half year, QBPC will offer more information and communication to members!


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