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QBPC Mission and Objectives

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QBPC Mission and Objectives


    To make contributions to facilitating and promoting continuous improvements of administrative and judicial protection for intellectual property in China, to enabling the judiciary to better serve guiding function of predictable and consistent judicial protection for intellectual property, to perfecting the legal framework and to constructing a fair and orderly environment based on rule of law for economic growth and to fostering an open innovation environment for science and technology  
    development through strengthening cooperation with China’s central and local government, relevant agencies, institutions, academia, media, enterprises and the international community.

    The Long-term Ongoing Objectives of QBPC

    Drive for transparent enforcement of intellectual property, enhance members’ opportunity and ability to get involved in China's IP enforcement activities, and promote the construction of a workable mechanism for effective protection of intellectual property on long term basis. Actively organize seminars and conduct researches on important and critical issues on legislation and law enforcement in relation to intellectual property protection in order to provide professional advice for legislation enactment and amendment, which could help improve intellectual property legal framework reform. Fulfill the function of bridge to promote the international exchange and cooperation in relation to intellectual property and to facilitate the objective understanding of international community about China's intellectual property environment. Strengthen communications and interaction with domestic enterprises to jointly facilitate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. Strengthen public communication to improve public awareness of respecting others’ intellectual property rights. Strengthen the capacity of QBPC to fully fulfill its role as an industry platform to assist members to effectively protect their intellectual property.

    Objectives of QBPC for 2017

    QBPC will adhere to the principle of "member-driven, professional leading, international integration, project compliance and assistance in shared governance" and focus on following aspects:

    1. Enhance the fairness and transparency of law enforcement and judicial procedure in IP protection
        Work conscientiously to review and release the 2016-2017 Annual Top Ten  Cases In IP Protection and Model Cases Bridging Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement; and sort out the cases and appraisal history of the top ten cases in IP protection and model cases bridging administrative and judicial IP enforcement over the years and compile them into a brochure, making it one of the name cards of the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC). Advance affirmation of the legal status of the IP right holder as the victim in criminal proceedings; and follow up on MOUs with local enforcement agencies to enhance enforcement in relevant regions. Strengthen online IP protection, crack down on online counterfeiting and copyright infringement through legislation, judicature and law enforcement to gain further breakthroughs in online IP protection. Promote openness and transparency in the disposal of infringing goods; Enhance effective coordination between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice for intellectual property; and maintain regular dialogue with the Office of the National Leading Group on the Fight Against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting (NLGO) and relevant government agencies to promote IP law enforcement.

    2. Take the initiative to engage in the legislation, amendment and interpretation of IP-related laws to safeguard the interests of members
        Adhere to member-driven development, and encourage members to continue to actively participate in legislating and amending the E-commerce Law, Patent Law, Anti-unfair Competition Law, Regulation on Employee Invention, Anti-monopoly Law and related guidelines, Copyright Law, Regulations on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights by Customs and Regulations on Service, Judicial Guidelines on Trademark Granting and Validating Cases and contribute more constructive suggestions. Conduct research on and propose solutions for Trademark Infringement involving OEM, Conflict of Preferential Right for Company Name and Trademark, Fair Use of Trademark, Criminal IP Protection (especially on Trade Secrets), Legal Liability of Third Party Platforms on Sale of Counterfeit, Compensation for IPR Infringement Cases and Software Patent Protection. Continue to push for the enactment of judicial interpretation or guidance opinion for the understanding and application of Article 60 (2) of Trademark Law.

    3. Enhance international exchanges and expand cooperation with relevant organizations
        Host a series of high-end international IP events and participate in activities of international IP societies to objectively introduce China’s achievements in intellectual property protection and the challenges confronting China. Work together with the International Trademark Association, International Criminal Police Organization, International Chamber of Commerce, and other international organizations to resolve IP issues of common concern; strengthen exchanges and cooperation with World Customs Organization and customs authorities of other nations or regions that are highly concerned by members; and leverage opportunities at the US Ambassador's IPR Roundtable and other occasions to promote the dialogue between China and other nations and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, European Union, the rest of Asia and countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

    4. Further promote the image of QBPC, improve internal communication and support the construction of an IP culture in China
        Leverage occasions such as the release of the Annual Top Ten Cases in IP Protection and Model Cases Bridging Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement, and Annual Report of Intellectual Property as well as other high-end QBPC events to promote the positive image of QBPC, and enhance internal cohesion and the external influence of QBPC. Work together with local Offices on the Fight Against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting and conduct training sessions to improve awareness of IP-related laws and understanding of IP protection related issues among local officials. Upgrade the official website to achieve timely information sharing, meet exchange requirements and improve efficiency, and integrate certain functions of the website and the official account of WeChat. Revise the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) Newsletter to increase members’ interactive columns, making it an external window and an internal exchange platform for QBPC; and work with professional IPR media and social media to expand the influence of QBPC and cultivate IP culture in China.

    5. Build up the effectiveness of QBPC’s service team and office staff, and provide members with better service
        Closely track the overall environment of IP protection in China and key issues of concern to members; collect members’ requirements at all times, and give timely response and assistance; actively report to central law enforcement and judicial departments the problems encountered by members; conduct more regular visits to members to understand their needs; and take necessary measures to support Industry Working Groups and help them to play active roles in addressing the specific IP issues in their respective industries. Continue with QBPC Membership Service Journey activities, encourage member involvement, and provide useful IP information to them through various activities, such as Open House, Best Practice Sharing, Briefing, Lectures and Case Studies. Conduct orientation and training for the service team and office staff to comprehensively improve their service capability and quality for members. Strengthen contact and interaction with local Chinese and foreign-invested enterprises, take the initiative to recruit new members; and further improve cost management to ensure efficient utilization of the QBPC fund.
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