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Registration for Interactive IPR Capacity Building Workshop with Kunming Customs

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Registration for Interactive IPR Capacity Building Workshop with Kunming Customs

    QBPC and Kunming Customs Interactive IPR capacity building workshop will be held at Yunnan Haikun Hotel on June 7, 2017. Around 45 customs officials will participate in the workshop. The workshop will focus on Commodities introduction, pirated and counterfeit goods identification and the difficulties of law enforcement.

    ²  Time:8:30-17:30 June 7, one day meeting
    ²  Venue: Yunnan Haikun Hotel (海昆酒店Tel. 0871-63016670), No. 620, Beijing Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province (云南省昆明市北京路620号)
    ²  Agenda:
    8:30-9:30 Opening Remark
    9:30-11:50 QBPC IWG Presentations (7 IWGs, 20 minutes for each IWG)
    12:00 Break
    14:30-15:10QBPC IWG Presentations (2 IWGs, 20 minutes for each IWG)
    15:50-17:30 Interactive with Customs Officials
    Face to face interactive with local frontlines customs officials on members’ brands, IPRs, products, legitimate export logistic routes, products verification, IP infringement trends, intelligences, risk analysis indicators etc.
    This section will be in trade fair model thus members are encouraged to bring training materials, genuine and counterfeit samples for this section.
    ²  Registration: 9 seats are available for IWG representatives to do PPT presentation, 25 seats for QBPC members to have trade fair intercommunication with officials. Interested members, please register by website, We will stick to the following principles to allocate seats: 1) one representative from one membership company. 2) QBPC voting members have priority to this event. The registration will beopened at 11am today(May 24) and closed at 12pm, May 25, 2017.
    The registration confirmation email will be sent to members who registered workshop successfully. If any question, please contact Xuan Wang at 18612805371. 

    Note: For cancelling, please advise us by sending cancellation notice email to xuanwang@qbpc.org.cn by June 5, 2017. The absence or late showing-up to the workshop would be resulted disqualification for registering QBPC event next time.

    Customs Committee
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