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Bravo for Quality Brands Protection Committee Membership Journey

    ABB Open Day - 2017 Quality Brands Protection Committee ( referred as “QBPC” below) Membership Journey was held on March 10th in ABB with representatives from more than 30 member companies, including Audi, Danfoss, Qualcomm, Honeywell, Novozymes, NBA, Nissan, Tesla, Schneider, Siemens and Volkswagen.

    Michael Ding, Head of ABB IP Operation, Asia Middle East and Africa Region, QBPC Vice Chairman in 2017/2018, was the host of the event. 
    ABB is a global technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion control, industrial automation and power grids. ABB has been presented in China for over 10 decades and contributed to 26 HVDC projects in China. As a reliable partner for a stronger China, ABB fully supports the implementation of the Made in China 2025 strategy and proactively pushes forward the industrial upgrading and transformation.
    Essential criteria for an in-house IP professional
    Based on his previous experience at Huawei and Emerson Electric, Michael Ding stressed on the importance of not only helping customers solve IP related issues (i.e. to do the right things), but also using professional competencies to follow upon each issue in great detail and handle it properly (i.e. to do things right). The process is as important as the result. A qualified IP professional is required to meet such high standards. Michael Ding offered following tips to help the members better understand what he meant:

    Ownership: to explore all possibilities and accomplish all tasks with satisfactory results;
    Passion: to always maintain the sensitivity and curiosity as an IP professional;

    Self-confidence: to have the confidence in offering professional advice to customers and convincing them to act in accordance with your correct suggestions;
    Professional: to constantly update your professional IP knowledge, meanwhile, learn and understand business knowledge;
    Communication: to develop strong communication skills as it is critical for you to express your opinions, win recognition from management and peers, and have better teamwork and cooperation with others;
    Culture: to have an open mind and foster flexible thinking to navigate through all possible situations with ease and perform efficiently in MNCs;
    Execution: to gain trust by delivering on your commitment. Commitment serves as the foundation while execution as the cornerstone.

    Michael Ding elaborated on each keyword by giving examples based on his personal experience. At the end of the session, Allen Zhou from QPBC service team asked how to transform R&D achievements into patents, a question intriguing to many members. Michael Ding explained relevant procedures and discussed with the members upon some common issues in this regards as well. The members also exchanged ideas with Michael about how to engage in effective communication with engineers. Xiaoyang Qu from QBPC service team reminded the members of the importance of fully understanding the questions raised by engineers and the reason behind. He suggested to no just look at the superficial issue, but also dig and the innate essence of the problem so as to respond more specifically and develop more effective communication.

    How to cooperate with internal customers

    Proactively rather than passively facilitation: to push forward each project with a proactive attitude based on solid professional knowledge and rich experience in handling cases and by expressing your opinions and suggestions through sufficient and effective communication;
    Three key dimensions: project time frame, budget and targeted goal;
    Right working approach: to align with business on the aforesaid three dimensions (i.e. project timeline, budget and targeted goal), invite business stakeholders to join the project team and make sure that everyone is involved and their voices are heard, build trust to carry out teamwork and ensure smooth progress of the project.
    How to work together with law firms or other IP service firms

    To maintain a proper relationship: the relationship between an IPR owner (“Party A”) and a law firm or an IP service firm (“Party B”) is both cooperation-based and employment-based. Party A needs Party B to provide practical solutions and implementation services based on particular circumstances of each individual case and judicial practices. Party A is also required to develop effective management mechanisms, follow upon the progress of each case in a timely manner and push it to proceed as planned.
    Michael Ding offered QBPC members a lot of professional and sincere advice during the elaboration and discussion upon the three topics. Allen Zhou and Xiaoyang Qu also shared their valuable experience during the interaction based on their practices. I still remember the speech given by Michael once he has been elected to QBPC Vice Chairman “thank you again for voting me as Vice Chair of QBPC 2017-2018, which allow me a chance to work together with other colleagues of Service Team to drive QBPC to next level and better serve all member companies”. This Journey fully demonstrated the commitment of the service team and their engagement in sincere cooperation. Bravo for these three speakers!
    QBPC Membership Journey has offered member companies a learning and exchange platform. The journey continues, and the attention and participation from all members is highly welcomed. See you next time! 

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