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Seminar on Intellectual Property Arbitration

    Seminar on Intellectual Property Arbitration
    ――QBPC Membership Service Journey

    Sarah Zhao
    On Apr. 13, 2017, representatives from over 30 QBPC member companies attended the Membership Service Journeyin April - Seminar on Intellectual Property Arbitration in the office of JunZeJun Law Offices Guangzhou Branch located at the Pearl Riverbank.

    Solving intellectual property disputes through arbitration is a new path for most member companies. Initiation of an arbitration, advantages and disadvantages of arbitration compared with traditional lawsuit, its duration and charges and enforceability are of top concerns for member companies, among others.

    Yan Hao, Managing Partner of JunZeJun Law OfficesHong Kong Office,first interested everybody with his personal experience in studying abroad at Stanford Law School. Mr. Yan shared his experience in submitting applications, curriculum setting, and communication network development, etc. The patent localization and patent reserves introduced by Mr. Yan sparked the pondering and discussion among the participants.

    Dr. Wang Wenying, Secretary General of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Hong Kong Arbitration Center elaborated the advantages of intellectual property arbitration, including less geographical restrictions, controllable cost, good confidentiality, more selectable arbitrators, flexible and fast procedures, finality of the award, among others. Meanwhile, Dr. Wang made a brief note on some main points of interest in filing intellectual property arbitrations and explained relevant issues raised by representatives from member companies on the enforcement of the arbitration award, the validity of post-arbitration agreement and the possibility of setting different places for arbitration and hearing.

    Arbitrator Cai Weiping from Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre is an expert in solving the domain name disputes under UDRP. Mr. Cai explained the actual application of three elements of UDRP using the domain name arbitration of “WeChat”. Mr. Cai then introduced the latest developments in intellectual property arbitration in Hong Kong, i.e. the amendment to the Arbitration Ordinance of Hong Kong intends to empower the arbitration agency in Hong Kong to resolve intellectual property disputes and Hong Kong's public policy would allow enforcement of intellectual property awards. To enhance its professional service level, Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC) has set up an arbitrator team to deal specifically with intellectual property disputes.

    This membership service journeyprovided a new thought for member companies to handle intellectual property dispute cases. As approved by the speakers, we have recorded the entire Seminar so as to share with those absent member companies.

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