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Deepen Mutual Communication and Step Forward Hand in Hand

    - Exchange Meeting of Harbin Customs IP Protection for Border Law Enforcement

    On the afternoon of March 30, 2017, as the exchange meeting of border law enforcement of IP protection between Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) and Harbin Customs was convened, Chuck Qi, Ying Ji and member delegation from Customs Committee visited Harbin Customs and communicated with leaders from Division of Regulation and Intellectual Property Rights on protection of and mutual cooperation of intellectual property right on the border.

    Luo Zhiwei, Chief of Section of Intellectual Property Right took China-Europe block trains, Mohe and Heihe transportation trunk lines as example and introduced the achievements of Harbin Customs in intellectual property right protection on the border in terms of land and water transportation. Luo pointed out that the import and export volumes of express delivery in Heilongjiang has doubled those years thanks to the rapid development of e-commerce, which has brought great challenges to customs inspection and will be the key emphasis in work by Heilongjiang customs. In addition, Harbin Customs has transferred the right to handle cases to subordinate customs. Therefore, one of the important tasks of Harbin Customs is training customs officers with handling skills and ability. Finally, Luo hoped that a special industry meeting of exchange could be jointly held with QBPC Agricultural Industry Work Team according to the characteristics of Harbin and other cities in Heilongjiang.

    The meeting of exchange on skills of border law enforcement of IP protection between QBPC and Harbin Customs was officially held on the morning of March 31 in the building of Harbin Customs. More than 20 customs representatives from 13 cities in Heilongjiang and 12 right holders from QBPC member companies participated in this meeting of exchange. The meeting was presided over by Luo Zhi, Chief of Section of Intellectual Property Right, Chuck Qi, Chairman of QBPC Customs Committee, delivered an opening speech. Chairman Qi supported and thanked Harbin Customs for this exchange activity and briefly introduced the establishment of QBPC, its composition, and the setup of Customs Committee. He stressed that QBPC has been paying attention to intellectual property protection in China and laying emphasis on interaction and communication with the customs. Qi also pointed out that Harbin-Europe Railway, Harbin-Russia Railway and cross border e-commerce are thriving with the initiation and construction of the Belt and Road. As a result, the content of intellectual property right protection work on the border by Harbin Customs has been increasing, which brings new challenges to the inspection operations by customs officers. It’s hoped that through this exchange, the effective communication between customs and right holders could be strengthened and positive effects would be created. After the opening speech, member representatives from automotive, sports, fashion and livelihood, medicine and other fields of QBPC interacted on the main condition of their own brands with customer officers participating in the meeting. Questions were raised by officers and satisfactorily answered by QBPC members. Luo hoped that the participating officers could learn humbly and apply newly acquired knowledge in the future inspection work, and make due contributions to intellectual property right protection.

    Ying Ji, and Wendy Lin, Vice Chairmen of QBPC Customs Committee, participated in this exchange activity.

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