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The Seventh Cooperation !

    The IP Enforcement Interactive Capacity Building Workshop was jointly held by Fuzhou & Xiamen Customs and Quality Brands Protection Committee (referred as “QBPC”below) in Quanzhou on March 16, 2017. In 2011, for the first time, two parties held the workshop on IP enforcement. 2017, is the seventh year.

    Shunguang Huang, Director of IPR Division of Xiamen Customs, made a short welcome speech. Mr. Huang pointed out that the “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation” would be held in Beijing in May this year. Quanzhou is the starting point of the ancient maritime silk road of China. It is of great significance to hold IP enforcement workshop in Quanzhou today. Haibin Zhang, Deputy Director of IPR Division, said that it was in 2011, the first IP Enforcement Interactive Capacity Building Workshop, jointly held by QBPC and Fujian & Xiamen Customs, was held in Xiamen. Since then, the workshop was held in many other places in Fujian Province. Zhang hopes to strengthen cooperation with QBPC on  IP protection at borders. Chun Chen, Deputy Director of IPR Division  of Fuzhou Customs, said they were glad to hold the workshop with Xiamen Customs and QBPC again. The communication between Fuzhou & Xiamen Customs and QBPC is not only lasting but also more creative.

    Steven Wang, QBPC Vice Chairman, took this opportunity to introduce QBPC to customs staffs. Steven said “I feel that many customs staffs take IP protection not only as work but also as mission. IP protection has been carried out for over 20 years in China, and now has entered into the new era”. Facing the new trend and new challenge, Steven wished all sides could create new ideas by exchange and further cooperation to push the smooth progress and gain achievements.

    The workshop is comprised by industry working group ( referred as IWG below) presentation, one-one-one interaction and Customers IP Protection Exhibition Center of Xiamen Free Trade Zone introduction. To offer more seats to QBPC members, to improve exchange quality and strengthen interaction between right holders and customs officers, the Customs Committee of QBPC brainstormed to create the format combining IWG presentation and “booth-type” demonstration. Such mode is well received, supported and appreciated by customer staff and QBPC members in the workshop carried out by Xiamen Customs and QBPC at the end of 2016. In presentation session, representatives from five IWGs, including Agriculture, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Lighting, Sports, Fashion & Life Style, made presentation on behalf of IWGs.
    In the “booth-type”session,  Customs staff and QBPC membersmadeone-one-one interaction. One side asked questions while the other answered; one side educated while the other made notes; 
    Hongyu Sun, Director of Xiamen Free Trade Zone Intellectual Property Office, led the design team to introduce the construction plan of IP Protection Exhibition Center of Xiamen Free Trade Zone to workshop audience. He consulted for opinions and suggestions. QBPC representatives,Ying Zhou and Yi Huang asked questions and proposed suggestions to Mr.Sun .
    About 10 officers of Quanzhou Customs attended the workshop. Chuck Qi, Customs Committee Chairman of QBPC, presided over the workshop. In total, 60 customs officers and 23 QBPC representatives gathered together for the common purpose. They strengthened communications, answered questions and solved difficult problems. The workshop has successfully ended. We are looking forward to the meeting and gathering next year, and the 8th, 9th and even more times of cooperation.
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