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Message from QBPC Chairman, Jack Chang

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Message from QBPC Chairman, Jack Chang

    Dear Colleagues,
    Thank you for your trust and support, which allow me to stand side by side with you again to take on many new and remaining challenges in 2017.
    The draft E-Commerce Law aiming to double the size of e-commerce in China during the period from 2016 to 2020 instead of aiming to build a safer and cleaner e-commerce environment through striving for reducing online IP infringement will possibly be the single biggest challenge not only for our members but also for the judiciary and law enforcement. The issues of OEM for export, bad faith trademark registration, transparency of public prosecution against IP crimes and trade secret protection, even though obvious progress have been made through the effort of Chinese judiciary, procuratorate and QBPC, remain as our high priority matters until the current progress is consistently accepted as a general practice and adopted into judicial guiding documents. The pending 4th amendment to the Patent Law, the amendment to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and the enactment of the Service Invention Regulations concern many members as well. Given above, I expect that 2017 will be a very exciting and busy year. I am also very confident that we can once again make 2017 a very productive year.
    My confidence is based on the following:
    More passionate and talented new blood have joined the 2017 service team:We have not only the veterans, who helped carry over the QBPC legacy throughout the years, but also passionate and talented new blood on the service team. Their brining in new ideas, fresh views and perspectives as well as great passion combining with the lessons learnt in the past are the extremely valuable assets of the QBPC. Moreover, the service team members’ willingness to contribute shows their companies’ and personal strong support to the organization.
    The capacity, morale and discipline of QBPC office staff are continuously being improved:With the leadership of Mr. Xin Yao, QBPC Executive Director, the dedication of the office staff and the guidance and encouragement from various Chairperson, Industry Working Group Coordinators and member representatives, not only the professional capacity of the office staff has been building up quickly but also the morale, discipline and employee turnover rate of the staff members have been noticeably improved.
    Trust and support from member companies remain strong:As many other organizations, QBPC lose members and gain new members each year. The fact that QBPC being the only member-driven industry organization focusing on improving IP legal framework and enforcement via cooperation approach continuously enables QBPC to get needed attention and support from the public and private sectors in and outside of China. All these attention and support make QBPC an indispensable platform for IP owners. Domestic Chinese companies’ joining QBPC as observers in 2016 to stand side by side with our members and to jointly contribute their wisdom and funding is especially encouraging.
    External influence is continuously being strengthened:Just in December alone, QBPC has been approached by main stream Chinese and foreign news media, professional IP publications and government associated research institutes requesting for interviews. In addition, QBPC veterans including me have being contacted and/or invited by international organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, World Customs Organization, Interpol, Chinese judiciary and government agencies, foreign embassies, academic institutes and industry groups to speak at the events hosted by them. These QBPC veterans never missed the opportunity to introduce the QBPC effort and achievements. There was not a single time that the hosts and audience were not impressed by the QBPC’s contribution to China’s efforts to improve IP environment, which creates more opportunities for the QBPC to work with these external partners together on the critical IP issues.
    Whatever QBPC does, the end is to help members resolve their IP issues, be it policy directions, legal framework reform or an individual enforcement case facing local protection. The strength and effectiveness of the QBPC platform rely on members’ dedication and engagement. A small horse-power engine cannot push the QBPC warship forward quickly, let alone the fact that we are not always cruising on the calm seas. The only way to move things on the right track faster is to have as many members as possible to engage to jointly provide more horse power to the QBPC warship. If you ever come across the question “why should my company encourage employees to spend working hours on QBPC activities?” Please think about the consequences if the QBPC engine finally shuts down due to overload. No other platform can help IP owners deal with the above-mentioned issues the way that QBPC can. No other platform offers the opportunity for IP owners and IP talents to build up their images as industry IP leaders, which brings them great advantages to help resolve their IP issues much more effectively.  
    Dear Colleagues,
    With your participation and engagement, we can evolve QBPC into the most effective IP platform in China. Let’s go for it! Wish you and your family members have a very happy and successful new year in 2017! 
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