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Registration for the seminar on Patent Examination Guideline Amendment and Software Patent Protection

    Dear All Members,
    QBPC is cooperating with Standards & Intellectual Property Rights Committee, CESA on the project of Research on Software Patent. To support work on patent examination guideline amendment for relevant government departments, and to clarify/discuss the Software Patent protection issues, CESA will organize a seminar to communicate and discuss with SIPO and related departments concerned. The seminar proposed to invite leaders and specialists from SIPO and judges from Beijing Intellectual Property Court, Beijing Higher People’s Court and Supreme People's Court Intellectual Property Tribunal.
    The main topics of the seminar will focus on:
    1) Discussion of software subject: patent examination standard related to business model and computer program invention
    2) Reexamination invalidation and other subjects discussion

    Please refer to the meeting details:

    Meeting Time:
    9:00 to 16:00, November 11
    Meeting Venue:
    Language: Chinese
    See attached.
    QBPC Seats Limit: 25. Those who register successfully would receive a confirmation letter from QBPC Office. Please kindly contact with Lizzy Liu at lizzyliu@qbpc.org.cn or Lu Han at luhan@qbpc.org.cn if you have any questions.

    Interested members, please kindly register with the below button by COB November 7. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Patent and Innovation Committee of QBPC
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