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Send Nomination Form to Ms. Sherry Hu by email at sherryhu@qbpc.org.cn and Mr. Bingtao Li at Bingtao.Li@ul.com by COB Monday, 13 June, 2016.

    Mr. Roger Zhao, 2016 Membership Service  Committee (MSC) Vice Chairman, has left Sanofi and decided to resign MSC Vice Chair. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Roger for his great support and positive contributions to QBPC.

    As a result of Roger’s resign, a vacancy is open, and MSC would like to recruit a new vice Committee Chair to fill in the position.

    This is to seek nominations for candidates. Please note that
    1) Candidates must receive at least 4 nominations from members (one company, one nomination) to be eligible to run for a position.
    2) Delegates from service providers who are authorized by member companies to represent the members in the QBPC activities can run for working committee vice chair positions, and a special written authorization from the designated representatives of the members that such delegates are representing must be submitted together with their applications for candidacy in order for such delegates to be eligible for the candidacy and election.Template < QBPC Service Team Voting Authorization to Service Providers >of the special written authorization is attached for your use.
    When nominating a candidate, please consider whether the nominee is prepared to dedicate his/her time to contribute to the QBPC. Most importantly, whether the nominees’companies support the nominees, once elected as QBPC Service Team members, to actively lead, engage in and contribute to the QBPC.  Please also check with the nominees that if they would accept the nominations. It will help shorten the time for confirming the nominees on whether they would like to be the candidates for the positions nominated.

    Please feel free to contact Mr. Bingtao Li (Membership Service Committee Chairman) and/or Sherry Hu (QBPC Office Membership Service Manager) if you have any questions.

    Please fill out below Nomination Form and return it back Bingtao Li at Bingtao.Li@ul.com  and Sherry Hu at sherryhu@qbpc.org.cn by COB 13th June, 2016.

    QBPC Service Team Voting Authrization to Service Providers

    Nomination Ballot for 2016 MSC Vice Chair Election-20160516

    Appreciate your support in advance!

    Election Oversight Group (EOG)
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