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Registration and Seeking Speakers for the Seminar on the Amendment of Anti-Unfair Competition Law

     Registration and Seeking Speakers for the Seminar on the Amendment of Anti-Unfair Competition Law
    Dear All Members,
    As you know Anti-Unfair Competition Law (AUCL) amendment is a top priority in 2016 legislation plan, and concerns of many members, involving a number of important subjects, including trademark, business name, trade secret, comparatively dominant position and anti-bribery, etc. The Competition Law Center of the University of International Business and Economics(“the Center”) is an influential institute on this subject and is deeply involved in the law amendment process. To further discuss the proposed amendment of the AUCL, the Center will host a seminar on May 9th in Beijing, and the main purpose of this seminar is for legislators to listen to feedback and suggestions from industry and key academic experts. The participants include officials from SAIC, SCLAO, SPC and a few famous scholars. Please kindly refer to the attached agenda for details.
    Now we are drawing your attention for below issues:
    1.      Registration for Participation:QBPC has 30 seats for this event. If you are interested in this meeting, please kindly register via below button. First come, first served.
    2.      Registration for Speakers:We are seeking speakers for below sessions. Each session needs one speaking slot. Please apply as soon as possible and QBPC will coordinate with all applicants in order to recommend QBPC speakers to the organizers by tomorrow. According to the organizer, the legislator expects to hear true and honest feedback on the current status in AUCL enforcement and the draft amendment.
    (1)the trademark confusion; (2) commercial bribery; and (3) the abuse of the comparatively dominant position.
    3.      Meeting Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm, May 9, 2016
    4.      Meeting Venue:Meeting Room 22, Floor 4, Tower, Hotel of All-China Federation of Trade Union(中国职工之家饭店,A座4层22会议室,北京市西城区复兴门外大街真武庙路1号)
    Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Legal Committee of QBPC
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