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Home Appliances IWG Work Report-2013

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Home Appliances IWG Work Report-2013

    Home Appliances IWG
    IWG Coordinator:  Mr. Li Hai/ Sony
    Group Members:
    LG Electronics
    Panasonic Corporation
    Seb Developpement
    Sony Mobile
    2013 Home Appliances IWG Working Report
    2013 IP Protection Training Seminar with Kunming AIC
    Date   : July 24th, 2013
    Venue: Kunming's Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel (Kunming 157 Beijing Road)
    In attendance:
    • Kunming AIC/PSB/Court of PRC
    • LG Electronics china co., ltd,;
    • Panasonic Corporation;
    • Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd.;
    • Samsung China;
    • Sony (China) Limited
    Brief Summary
    Home Appliance Industry Working Group of QBPC (“HA IWG”) successfully conducted the IP training seminar with Kunming AIC on July 24th, 2013. About 60 officials from the trademark office of Kunming AIC, PSB and Court attended the seminar and most of the attending officials work on the front line of IP Protection.  Representatives from LG, NIKON, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony made an introduction about their brands and what they had done to deal with counterfeiters from the perspective of identifying fake products. 6attending IWG member companies also brought their genuine products and counterfeits seized in past enforcement actions for on-site comparison. The AIC officials raised various questions and actively participated in the discussions. 
    Training Seminar (2013-07-24)
    Kunming AIC included this training seminar on July 24th and about 60 officials of Kunming AIC, PSB and Court  attended the seminar, including Director of Kunming AIC’ Mr. Chen.
    Mr. Chen made a report on the IP enforcement work of Kunming AIC in 2012 and mentioned in the coming 2013 in spite of the slow-down of the global economy and noticeable decrease in the export, they would continue to strengthen the IP protection and education of the manufacturing companies in Kunming on IP protection.
    After Mr. Chen’s report, Mr. Lee Hai from Sony made a welcome speech on behalf of HA IWG. Representatives from 6 HA IWG member companies made presentations to introduce their own companies and products, especially on how to verify the counterfeits.

    We received positive feedback from officials of Kunming AIC about the IP training seminars that they learnt lots of verification skills through the training. 
    We encouraged attending HA IWG member companies to bring some genuine and fake samples of their products for comparison when briefing the verification skills to the officials. Most officials think highly of this arrangement, which made our introduction more impressive and vivid.
    Plus, several HA IWG member companies arranged some quiz after their presentation and gave some small prizes (their own products) to those officials who provided the right answer. It’s obvious that officials were quite interested in such quiz and more concentrating on the presentation.
    We believe such training seminars will provide AIC more knowledge about the brands of HA IWG member companies and help us to set up better communication channel with authorities in China.
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