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2013 CCLA Conference

    On Jan11 and 12,“2013CCLA Conference” was held in Beijing. The conference was held by Faren magazine and KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The conference was specially supported by QBPC and other units. Honorary QBPC Chair Jack Chang, Communications Committee Chair Hugo Zhang and QBPC member representative Wang Liang attended the conference and gave a speech at different links. In addition, Communications Committee Vice Chair Crystal Zhang also attended the conference.
    The theme of the conference is “Transiton and Dreams”. The topics include: Global CorporateLegal Counsel Career Trends,International Trade and Overseas Investment in the Economic Transformation Time, Foreign Corporate Legal Construction Experience Sharing, Commercial Dispute Resolution Needs Change and Service Innovation etc. Based on these issues, IBM Senior legal Advisor Tang Gongyuan put forward that with the development of the times, corporate legal affairs and company businesses are gradually merged into an integral whole. Commercial contracts are no longer pure commercial behaviors but legal acts. Therefore, modern corporate legal counsels should not only understand law, but also be familiar with the companies’ businesses and make contributions to the sustainable development of the company. Vanke Group Chief Counsel Yan Xueming came up with a seat belts model, he compared the enterprise legal counsel’s preventive advices to seat belts and the “ban” encountered by the advices to mute buttons.
    In the venue meeting themed “Dreams and Confusion of Chinese Corporate Legal Counsels”, Mr. Jack Chang shared his wonderful experience in the field of intellectual property when he worked in Johnson company and GE company with everyone attending the meeting. He pointed out, as a leading cross-industry company in IP field, it should try to improve its influence and achieve mutual benefit and win-win through friendly cooperation with different fields of the society.Mr. Hugo Zhang noted that in the aspect of enterprise copyright protection, cooperation and dialogue is better than fight because the infringers may also be your clients. Therefore, enterprises should establish a long-term mechanism of cooperation and dialogue with their clients and achieve mutual benefit through communication and cooperation with third parties and governments.
    QBPC member representative McCormick senior legal counsel Wang Liang gave a speech in the discussion section of IP frontier legal issues. He pointed that the value created by legal counsels just like IP right is invisible. The new Company Law removes the third item of article 27 “the monetary contributions of all shareholders shall not be less than thirtypercent of the registered capital” and this indicates the elimination of the barriers of commercialization of IP rights.
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