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Member Registration and Speakers Seeking: Training Classes for Heilongjiang and Anhui ECID on IPR in CCPU

    Dear Members,
    The Training Classes for Heilongjiang and Anhui ECID on IPR would be held in CCPU(China Criminal Police University) from Aug 8thto Aug 15th,2013. QBPC members will be allowed to  attend trainings on Aug 14th morning with topic of “办理伪劣商品犯罪案件的难题及对策”,  and have a half day (on Aug 14thafternoon) to do presentation related to IPR Criminal Protection to the PSB. The training in CCPU provides good opportunities for QBPC members to present IP protection problems, new trends and thinking from your industrial perspective or private company perspective. You may also have chance to build  knowledge to Heilongjiang&Anhui police and communicate with them. If possible, we will try to coordinate to sign a MOU between QBPC and Heilongjiang provincial PSB/ECID.
    Now we start member registration and speakers seeking for the training. Please refer to below information for your further understanding:
    Participants:Officials from Heilongjiang and Anhui PSB/ECIDs at provincial, city and county levels(Around 150 persons, including Around 120 officers from Heilongjiang and 30 from Anhui).
    Meeting Time:8:00-11:30 and 14:30-18:00,Aug 14th
                              QBPC has a half day session for presentation from 14:30 to 18:00 of August 14th
                              (Lunch and dinner will be offered during the training.)
    Meeting Venue:Academic Lecture Hall on the Third Floor of CCPU Library,NO.83 Tawan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang City (沈阳市皇姑区塔湾街83号中国刑警学院院内中国刑警学院图书馆三楼学术报告厅)
    Speaker Slots: 6 speakers, 30 minutes for one presentation.
    Seats Limit: No limit
    Meeting Agenda: Pls. refer to the attachment of Agenda of Training Classes for Heilongjiang and Anhui ECID on IPR in CCPU
    Interested members, please fill out the attachment of Resgistration Form for Training Classes for Heilongjiang and Anhui ECID on IPR in CCPU and send to us at tangying@qbpc.org.cnby COB Aug 9th,2013.
    The first come first serve rule will be adopted.
    Any question, please feel free to contact Tang Ying at tangying@qbpc.org.cn.
    Best Practice/Enforcement Committee of QBPC   

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