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QBPC Members Support China's Battle Against SARS

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QBPC Members Support China's Battle Against SARS

    The Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI), a coalition of 81 international brand owners supporting government and industry efforts against product counterfeiting, deeply sympathizes with those who have lost family members to the SARS disease and patients who are still struggling with the virus. We salute the vigorous efforts of the Chinese government and the bravery of Chinese health workers at all levels for their dedication and commitment in the fight against SARS.

    As long-term investors and citizens of the business community in China, QBPC members support the Chinese government's efforts to prevent the spread of SARS and minimize its impact on the people and the economy.

    The QBPC recently donated 14 respirators worth US$100,000 to the Ministry of Health for the treatment of SARS patients.

    Additionally, many of our member companies are individually providing significant support to the government's war against SARS. As of May 20, 2003, QBPC member companies have contributed over RMB 54 million worth of medical equipment and products, and over RMB 3.5 million in cash donation, to designated government bodies on the front lines against the SARS problem.

    QBPC members are confident that the current efforts of the Chinese government are showing definite results in bringing the SARS situation under control. We believe that the impact of SARS on the economy will be short-term in nature, and that the investment climate and business environment will not suffer medium or long-term damage.

    The QBPC and its member companies will continue to look for ways to support the Chinese government's fight against SARS.


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