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QBPC Event: Seminar on Certain Legal Issues concerning Technology Import and Export Regulations

    Dear All Members,
    QBPC and University of International Business and Economics (the “UIBE”) jointly initiated a Project – Research on Certain Legal Issues concerning Technology Import and Export Regulations (the “Project”) in practice out of the booming development of the technology import and the lagging rules in regulations. The Project mainly focuses on legal issues and practice when implementing and complying with the Technology Import and Export Regulations (the “TIER”).
    QBPC and UIBE are going to co-host a Seminar on Dec. 5 in UIBE from 9:30 to 15:30. UIBE will invite experts, judges and officials from competent authorities. Specific meeting venue will be announced later.
    We already received a draft research paper from UIBE, and those who sign up would get a copy. You can send your comments on the paper to QBPC office (email: rehgarwu@qbpc.org.cn ) by COB Nov. 23. We believe your valuable comments would facilitate the open discussion and help improve the research quality.

    There are 60 seats for QBPC members in such Seminar, and registration is based on First-Come-First-Serve principle. Each member company can register at most TWO participants. Those who sign up but can’t participate, please send notice to rehgarwu@qbpc.org.cn as early as possible to avail others on waiting list to join. Any absence without the aforesaid notice will downgrade your access to next QBPC Event.

    Please finish your registration by following the guidance in the end of this website.

    If you have any question related to this, please feel free to contact Rehgar WU at rehgarwu@qbpc.org.cn or 010 – 85226277.
    Patent & Innovation Committee

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