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QBPC Event: Research Project on the Hot Issues related to the Technology Contract

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QBPC Event: Research Project on the Hot Issues related to the Technology Contract

    Dear members,
    The Patent and Innovation Committee initiates a research project with the IP tribunal of Guangdong High People’s Court in 2012. The IP tribunal of Guangdong High People’s Court has assigned 15 topics to 8 intermediate courts in Guangdong, and it is scheduled that the conclusion seminar would be held in October or November, 2012. Guangdong High People’s Court also plans to invite judges from other provincial courts and the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), as well as some scholars, to make presentation at the seminar. Besides, there are three speaking slots available to QBPC members.

    Those who are interested in making presentation may choose other topics related to technology contract, and please sign up with Ms. Tracy Yang with your topics at tracyyang@qbpc.org.cn by COB July 20, 2012. All papers must be submitted by 31 August. PIC and Guangdong Higher Court will determine jointly the final result of the speaking slots allocated to QBPC authors. 
    Topics are as follows:
    1. 专利产品平行进口问题研究;
    Issues related to parallel import of patented products;
    2. 技术出资问题研究;
    Legal issues on capital contribution in the form of technology;
    3. 技术转让、技术开发合同若干问题研究;
    Issues related to the technology transfer contract and the technology development contract;
    4. 专利许可合同若干问题研究;
    Issues related to the patent licensing contract;
    5. 技术合同的效力问题研究;
    Issues related to the validity of technology contract;
    6. 技术合同的违约责任研究;
    Liability of breach in technology contract;
    7. 技术合同中的鉴定问题研究;
    The authentication problems in technology contract;
    8. 技术合同制度的完善--基于合同法总则的视角。
    Improvement of the technology contract system- perspective based on the General Principles of Contract Law;
    9. 技术合同的识别及管辖问题;
    The identification and jurisdiction of the technology contract;
    10. 技术合同无效问题研究(主要研究合同法第329条);
    Issues related to the nullification of technology contract (particularly Article 329);
    11. 技术成果的权属问题;
    Issues related to ownership of technology achievements;
    12. 技术合同中的垄断问题;
    Antitrust issues related to technology contract;
    13. 技术咨询和服务合同中的相关问题研究;
    Issues related to the technical consulting and service contracts;
    14. 技术秘密交易中善意第三人保护问题研究;
    Protection for the bona fide third parties in technical secrets (know-how) transaction;
    15. 国际技术贸易合同问题研究。
    Issues related to the international technology trade contract.
    Language of seminar: Chinese 
    Thanks and best,
    Patent and Innovation Committee
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