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QBPC 2010 June Comprehensive Meeting Materials

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QBPC 2010 June Comprehensive Meeting Materials

    Dear QBPC Members,
    The QBPC June 17-18 Membership Meetings in Guangzhou is fast approaching. Please find attached the following related meeting materials for your reference prior to the meeting.

    Kindly note that all meeting materials will be uploaded to the QBPC website (www.qbpc.org.cn) while no hard copy will be provided and no free wireless network would be provided on site as well, so please prepare the meeting materials for yourself accordingly.
    Look forward to seeing you in Guangzhou on Thursday and Friday !


    QBPC June MSC Training & General Meeting Material  

    1. Comprehensive Meeting Schedule

    2. Committee Update Compiled PPTs

    3. 2010 Monthly Budget Update






    5. 2010 June Memberhsip Services Committee Report

    6. Ethical On-Line Campaign Update

    7.Patent&Innovation Lunch Meeting- IP litigation- Wehser


    IP Protection Information Exchange Meeting of Enterprises with Foreign Investment between SIPO and QBPC

    1-Suggestions on enhancing the efficiency of IP administrative law enforcement-Jason Yao

    2-Strengthen Special Law Enforcement in Guangzhou Digital Market-Steve Jiang

    3-Explore New Way of synthetic control in Key Area-Steven Wang

    4-Draw Attention to Some Key Industries-Philip K. Yu

    5-Strengthen the Convergence between the Administrative Law-enforcement and Criminal Justice to develop the coordination and protection function-Colin Chen

    6-SIPO Presentation on TAS and Intermediary Liability CHI-Yun Xuan [Compatibility Mode]


    9-Issue-Opinions on IPR protection-Johnson & Johnson


    QBPC June Membership Meeting Survey Form

    1-Committees Update Meeting Satisfaction Survey

    2-MSC MOU Signing Satisfaction Survey

    3-SIPO Meeting Satisfaction Survey



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