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QBPC 2010 September Comprehensive Meeting Materials

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QBPC 2010 September Comprehensive Meeting Materials

    Dear QBPC Members,
    The QBPC September 16-17 Membership Meetings in Beijing is approaching. Please find the attached following related meeting materials for your reference prior to the meeting.

    Kindly note that all meeting materials will be uploaded to the QBPC website (www.qbpc.org.cn) while no hard copy will be provided and no free wireless network would be provided on site as well, so please prepare the meeting materials by yourself accordingly.
    Look forward to seeing you in Beijing on Thursday and Friday !

    QBPC September MSC Training & General Membership Meeting Materials

    1.1-Comprehensive QBPC September Membership Meetings Schedule

    1.2-Steering Council Meeting Agenda

    2-Monthly Budget Update

    3-2010 Sept Membership Services Committee Report

    4.1-CV of Mr. John T. Morton

    4.2-Statement of John T. Morton

    5.1-CV_Wang Yiyi

    5.2-Treatment of patents in national standards in China by Ms. Wang Yiyi

    6-Protection of biotechnological inventions by Ms. Liu Xia

    7.1-Activity Report (Sherry)

    7.2-Activity Report (Diana)

    7.3-Activity Report (Nancy)

    7.4-Activity Report (William)

    7.5-Activity Report (Tracy)

    7.6-Activity Report (Mandy)

    8.1-MSC Training & General Meeting Satisfaction Survey

    8.2-Committees Update Meeting Satisfaction Survey

    9-Committees' Update Compiled PPTs

    10.1-VACIP Introduction

    10.2-MOU between VACIP and QBPC

    10.3-Letter from Vice President of VACIP

    11-GAC Awards 2010

    12.1-Letter from Jimmy Zhong of Philips

    12.2-CV of Myra Wang - BMW(Customs Committee New Vice Chairman)

    12.3-CV of Ma Haijian-Syngenta(BPEC New Vice Chairman)

    13-QBPC Draft Membership Survey Questionnaire


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