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QBPC Event: Seeking your Comments on the Draft Regulations on the Remuneration for Inventor-Employee’s Invention

    Dear Members,

    The State Intellectual Property Office of People’s Republic China (the “SIPO”) recently drafted the Regulations on the Remuneration for Inventor-Employee's Invention (hereinafter referred to as “Draft Regulations”). The Draft Regulations has 7 chapters and 47 articles.

    There is a heated discussion on the inventor remuneration policy. Recently, the high court of Guangdong rules CNY 1 million of inventor remuneration to one employee.  SIPO will also finalize the aforesaid Draft Regulations and planed to submit it to the SCLAO for review by the end of 2012. Agree with SIPO, Patent and Innovation Committee initiated a project to support the Draft Regulations.  At the same time, SIPO had entrusted Renmin University of China (the “RUC”) to collect and study opinions from industry on inventor remuneration. 34 QBPC members joined the one-day seminar jointly held by QBPC and RUC on July 26 and witnessed the hot discussion about the inventor's remuneration. 

    The attached is the Chinese and English versions of the Draft Regulations. It seem the regulation would strongly impact R&D policy of our member companies.  Please refer to it for more information.

    Your comments and inputs in due course on the Draft Regulations are welcome and will be highly appreciated. Interested members, please send your comments and inputs in Chinese and English to Mr. Rehgar WU at rehgarwu@qbpc.org.cn by COB August 10, 2012. Based on members' comments, the Patent and Innovation Committee will draft QBPC position paper. Though we will only submit the QBPC position paper in Chinese, it will be highly appreciated if you can send us your comments in both Chinese and English.

    Regulations on the Remuneration for Inventor-Employee's Invention

    Below are the templates used for your comments

    Template (ENG)

    Template (CHN)

    Note: The attached Draft Regulations is just a semi-finished product and still under revision. It is not any kind of statutes yet. The Draft Regulations is internal use only for reference of QBPC members and PLEASE DO NOT CIRCULATE IT. The translation is provided for your convenience. We accept no warranty or liability for whatsoever causes for its accuracy of such translation. Please refer to the Chinese original for the definitive text. 

    Thanks and best,

    Patent and Innovation Committee

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