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QBPC Event: The Seminar on Judicial Identification of the Doctrine of Equivalence

    Dear All Members,


    The QBPC and Shanghai Tongji University will jointly hold a Seminar on Judicial Identification of the Doctrine of Equivalence (the “Seminar”) on March 29, 2013. Judges from the SPC, major Higher and Intermediate Courts, Experts and Scholars from relevant areas and Enterprises Representatives will participate in such Seminar. The discussion will revolve around the panels below: (1) The Application of the Doctrine of Equivalence in the Patent Right Identification; (2) The Exemption in the Application of the Doctrine of the Equivalence; (3) The Application of the Doctrine of the Equivalence in Pharmaceutical Patent Areas.
    Note: Judge Xiangjun KONG, the Presiding Judge of IP Tribunal of SPC, will fully involve in such Seminar.



    There are 20 seats for QBPC members in such Seminar, and registration is based on First-Come-First-Serve principle. Each member company can register ONE participant. Those who sign up but can’t participate, please send notice to rehgarwu@qbpc.org.cn as early as possible to avail others on waiting list to join such Seminar. Any absence without the aforesaid notice will downgrade your access to next QBPC Event.



    Please finish your registration by following the guidance in the end of this website; and the attached Agenda in bilingual is for your reference.



    Clicking here to get the Agenda


    If you have any question, please feel free to contact Rehgar WU at rehgarwu@qbpc.org.cn or 010 – 85226277.



    Patent & Innovation Committee

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