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Summary of the QBPC-GD QTSB Meeting on April 20th

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PRC Gov. Agencies
Summary of the QBPC-GD QTSB Meeting on April 20th

    On April, 20th, 2012, the QBPC-GD QTSB Meeting was held in Guangzhou, hosted by GD QTSB. Government Cooperation Committee successfully organized QBPC members’ participation in both events, with support from BPEC. QBPC Vice Chair Jason Yao, GCC Chair Edward Tang, GCC VC Kathryn Guan and Pei Jun representing BPEC attended the meeting. QBPC IWG coordinators and representatives from Auto, Food & Beverages, Toys & Licensed Goods, Personal Care, and QBPC members and their representatives attended the meeting, from Audi, Diageo, Mattel, Beiersdorf AG, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, BP, Acushnet Company, Fresenius Medical Care, P&G, etc. QBPC’s significant bridging role has been recognized by QTSB-led GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office government authorities, including PSB, AIC, QBPC has an excellent starting point of being part of GD “3 crackdowns and 2 building-ups” initiative! And both sides look forward to further collaboration in the near future.
    QBPC leaders Jason, Kathryn and Kevin paid door-knock visit on March 31, 2012, which has paved ways for this successful member-involved field visit. And this QBPC-GD QTSB Meeting, as agreed, focus on IWGs provided counterfeiting condition of the industry in Guangdong and case leads from IWGs and members.
    In the session, Director Tang Wu of GD QTSB, head of GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office, welcomed QBPC leaders, and its IWG coordinators, members, and briefed the QBPC participants about the follow-up of the 2 case leads provided by QBPC on March 31st. GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office took the case leads seriously and take prompt actions accordingly, one case lead provided by P&G had led a joint raid in Shantou against alleged local logistics company, and another has been transferred to Shen Zhen MSA. On behalf of GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office, Director Tang stressed the significance of GD “3 crackdowns and 2 building-ups” initiative in helping build a harmonious GD with scientific development and industry upgrading. Tang mentioned that GD is taking the lead in building up a pro-innovation software environment.
    In terms of the functions of the Office, Director Tang mentioned that functional IP enforcement authorities, such as GD QTSB, AIC, AIC and Party Commission for Discipline Inspection have dispatched full-time staffs to the Office for joint investigation, joint field raid management. And the current focus industries include food, drug, personal care products, wine and liquor, cigarette, food salt, construction materials, auto parts, luggage goods, etc.
    In terms of the organizational structure of the GD “3 crackdowns and 2 building-ups” initiative, Director Tang stated that, horizontally, the Leading Office of this Operation is taken lead by Guangdong Provincial Politics and Law Committee, which is divided into three action offices including the office against the counterfeiting. Vertically, the Operation is from the Provincial level to the city level. Each level has its own responsible agencies.
    In terms of the operation approach, Director Tang stressed that public involvement and case leads provided by industry enterprises would be the main channels.
    And in terms of the phased outcomes of the GD “3 crackdowns”, all related raids lead to the total product value of 2 billion RMB, and criminal cases transferred from administrative agencies to PSB count for 450 with involved alleged counterfeiting suspects of 2241 persons. And 83% of the raids were conducted via joint agency effort.
    In terms of the sustainable mechanism of the GD “3 crackdowns”, Director Tang emphasized 4 characteristics: counterfeiting industry chain and local protectionism crackdown, enforcement agency joint raids, public involvement, and counterfeiter track record database.
    QBPC leaders introduced QBPC’s functions, and forwarded IWGs and members’ strong interests in being deeply involved in GD “3 crackdowns” initiative. 
    QBPC IWGs and members introduced respective industry counterfeiting conditions, and counterfeiting intensive locations in Guangdong, among which Guangzhou Baiyun district distribution centers, and nearby warehouses have been mentioned frequently.
    QBPC IWG coordinators and representatives from Auto, Food & Beverages, Toys & Licensed Goods, Personal Care, and QBPC members and their representatives also forwarded on-site or off-line the case leads to GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office.
    Both GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office and QBPC participants agreed that this exchange meeting is fruitful, and to the mutual benefits.
    1, Both parties agrees to continue the collaboration at 3 levels: QBPC with GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office on periodic exchange, QBPC IWG with GD enforcement bodies on industry specific issues, and QBPC individual member with GD local governments on specific case lead.
    2, Both parties agrees it is paramount to strengthen daily communication by identifying the focal point and contact methods, and GD Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce Office provides its detailed contact methods (enclosed)
    3, Both parties agrees that industry-specific brand protection training is important to improve enforcement effectiveness, and QBPC will try to arrange such training for respective agencies as next step.
    QBPC’s engaging GD authorities in its “3 crackdowns and 2 building-ups” initiative is important local initiative for QBPC IWGs and members in shaping for a favorable environment in GD. GCC, together with BEPC, will continue to help strengthen QBPC’s bridging role in engaging GD IP enforcement agencies and QBPC member companies at local level for better brand protection and IP enforcement environment in GD.          (Reported by GCC)
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