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SPP IP Training & Workshop on Harmonizing Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement

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SPP IP Training & Workshop on Harmonizing Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement

    Dear QBPC Members,


    (1)   Online Registration for the Supreme People's Procuratorate IP Training, complete the attached questionnaire and send to Lizzy at lizzyliu@qbpc.org.cnby COB June 5th, 2012.


    (2)   Hotel Reservation (Registration deadline: June 7th ): Room category: Lake View Suite: RMB1580
    Non-Lake View  Suite: RMB 1380
    Lake View Kingsize Bed Room: RMB 600
    Non-Lake View Kingsize Bed Room: RMB 500

    A seminar on harmonizing administrative and judicial IP enforcement, organized by the Investigation Supervision Dept. of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP), co-sponsored by QBPC, will be held on June 25th to 30thin Huzhou (湖州) city, Zhejiang Province. The objective is to make sure SPP pays high attention on case transferring issue and prosecutions of IP criminal cases as well as leveraging this good opportunity to submit your case leads and interact with SPP and local prosecutors.
    Please kindly find the details of the meeting as follow:
    Meeting Time: June 25th-June 30th , 2012 (Registration on June 25th )
    Meeting Venue: LEIDISEN HOTEL HUZHOU, No.288 Meizhou Road, Tai Lake Tourism and Resort Zone, Huzhou,Zhejiang, China, Telephone: ( 86-572)213-6688 (浙江省湖州市太湖阳光雷迪森度假酒店, 湖州市梅洲路288号,电话0572-2136666 )
    Meeting Subject: IP Training and Seminar on Harmonizing Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement (知识产权培训班暨行政执法与刑事司法衔接工作现场推进会)
    Organizer: Supreme People’s Procuratorate
    Participants: Prosecutors from local Procuratorate; Representatives from the Supreme Court, MPS, MOFCOM and some reps from other Adm. Agency (to be specified later); QBPC representatives.
    Meeting Agenda: Please see the attachment.
    Speaker Slots: 6-8 (Your topic should focus on Harmonizing Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement or problems relating to Procuratorate)
    Interested members, please registered by
    COB June 5th, 2012. The seats will be allocated on the first come first served basis.

    Like the workshop in Haiyang city of Shandong Province last year, SPP would like to invite the representatives of local Procuratorates to the workshop based on QBPC members’ preference. We thank you for your attention and participation in advance if you would complete the attached questionnaire in Chinese and have it sent to Lizzy Liu at lizzyliu@qbpc.org.cn by COB June 5th, 2012.

    Best Practice/Enforcement Committee(BPEC) and Government Cooperation Committee(GCC) of QBPC

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