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Cherish Your Life , Say No To Fake Parts!

Create Time:2019-03-07

Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) has been working for many years to promote the public awareness of IP protection. It set up booths for awareness promotion at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition held from November 17 to 25, 2018 and the Automechanika Shanghai 2018 from November 28 to December 1, 2018. Approximately 3,000 visitors came to the booths for exchange and to learn about the structure and details about IP protection. These booths also attracted law enforcers from such departments as administrations for industry and commerce and administrations of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine.

Persistence matters! In 2018, QBPC set up a booth to promote public awareness for the 14th consecutive year, and continued to work together with the Auto and Auto Parts Working Group of Intellectual Property Group (IPG), a Japan-based enterprise, to set up an IP protection and public welfare booth themed “Caring for Life and Rejection of Counterfeiting” for the 10th consecutive year at Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. QBPC members such as BMW, Ford, GM and Volkswagen have always strongly supported QBPC to set up an IP protection publicity booth at Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, and sent representatives to answer questions and make explanations for visitors. This year, they were here again!

At Automechanika Shanghai 2018, BMW, Bosch, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Valeo, Volkswagen, and ZF supported and played their roles in the QBPC public awareness promotion booth for IP protection, as they always did.

Through videos, posters, illustrated brochures, questionnaires, real and fake auto parts display and on-site explanations, the booths used real cases to show the public the dangers of fake and shoddy products to life, the damage to family life and the threat to social stability. It also showed the public that criminal and administrative law enforcement agencies work together to impose more stringent economic and legal sanctions on illegal and infringing acts so as to protect the legitimate interests of consumers and right holders. To respect IP rights is to protect rights and interests of citizens. It is the common responsibility of every righteous and kind citizen.

In 2018, nine members from the Auto and Auto Parts Working Group of IPG, including Denso, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, KYB, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, etc., also joined the booth at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition.

QBPC believed it was of great significance to promote the public awareness of IP protection, so it invited more of its members to join the booth this year. Lotto, WD-40, QBPC’s Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry Working Group provided materials including brochures, videos, etc. In particular, P&G sent employees to the booth.  QBPC is looking forward to seeing more member enterprises at the 2019 booth!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And the most significant change usually begins with a minor difference. QBPC is making its own effort and beginning with trivial possibilities. It will work together with all sectors of the society to make progress, appealing the public to join IP protection action. Life offers “product”, hates “if”, and forbids “by chance”. Cherish Your Life, Say NO to Fake Parts!