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Internet Brand Protection Class-Douyin E-commerce IPP

Create Time:2022-05-07

On April 26, Internet Committee (IC) of the Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) successfully held the first Internet Brand Protection Class- Douyin E-commerce IPP. More than 140 representatives of QBPC member companies attended this online session.


The meeting was hosted by IC Vice Chair Esther Dong. Feng Cheng, head of IPR protection for Douyin E-commerce, firstly emphasized that IPR protection was still a priority of Douyin E-commerce this year and looked forward to in-depth cooperation and communication with all right holders. Liu Yuzhen (in charge of Douyin E-commerce IPP-Online Protection) and Yang Shengzi (responsible for Douyin E-commerce IPP -brand cooperation) gave presentations on  “Douyin E-commerce IPPRO Platform Upgrade Introduction & Instruction” and “‘Anti-Counterfeits with Douyin’ Introduction on Anti-counterfeiting Public Education Cooperation Program” respectively. This was the first public announcement of the latest upgrading of Douyin e-commerce IPR protection platform. During the Q&A session, the speakers also answered high-frequency questions concerning QBPC members, such as proof of authorization, complaint materials, counter-notification of complaints, and remedies for rights holders encountering trade name abuse.


In conclusion, IC Chair Felix Zhang said that on this special day of the World Intellectual Property Day, he would like to thank Douyin e-commerce IPR protection team for their wonderful presentations as well as the members for their active participation. He looked forward to continuing close online or offline exchanges between the two sides to strengthen the discussion and cooperation on IPR protection via e-commerce platforms in the future.


As an important empowerment project of IC for QBPC members, the Internet Brand Protection Class aims to enhance members' understanding of the IPR protection systems and updates of Internet companies, promote members' participation in the IPR protection projects, deliver members' suggestions on IPR protection, and optimize members' cooperation with relevant Internet companies. The first session lasted for one hour, which was short but productive. The attendees recognized the efficiency and fruitfulness of the exchange between the two sides. All looked forward to the follow-up series to continually enhance and optimize the cooperation in IPR protection between QBPC members and Internet platforms.