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Online Meeting between WEIXIN Legal Team and Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices IWG

Create Time:2020-07-23

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices IWG of Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (“QBPC”) held an online meeting with WEIXIN Legal Team, discussed strengthening cooperation between the two sides.

This meeting was hosted by Hansen Huang and JI Ying, deputy legal director of WEIXIN and coordinator of Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices IWG respectively. They expressed thanks for everyone’s participation and Looking forward to an in-depth discussion of the issues involved. After that, Ted Wu, WEIXIN expert legal adviser, showed the work that the WEIXIN Legal Team did on drug regulation during the epidemic. He also introduced the report channels that can be used to file complaints, the Tencent 110 mini program, and the corresponding punishment mechanisms. Then members of Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices IWG and WEIXIN Legal Team had an in-depth interaction on the handling of the accounts involved, and how to better crackdown criminal case.

At the end of meeting, two hosts concluded that both sides had consistently maintained good communication in the past and resent. Although the online meeting had many inconveniences, members still participated actively in the discussion. Finally, the two sides hoped to strengthen communication and cooperation in the future, and will conduct more in-depth discussion and communication on the issues discussed today.